2014-15 Energy Institute Fellowships Announced

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Bradley Aaron Beeny, Department of Nuclear Engineering, "Creation and Application of Computational Tools for Nuclear Energy Systems Analysis"

Payman Dehghanian, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, "Reliable Implementation of Power System Topology Control in Smart Electricity Grid"

Adolfo Escobedo-Pinto, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, "Multi-Area Decentralized Load Shed Recovery and Revenue-adequate Financial Transmission Rights for Flexible Topologies"

Carla Green, Texas A&M School of Law, "Is the Bakken Formation and Keystone Pipeline the Last Nail in the Coffin? Implications of Lifting the Forty-Year-Old Export Ban Under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act"

Kyung Jae Lee, Department of Petroleum Engineering, "Rigorous Simulation Model for Oil Shale In-situ Upgrading"

Thomas Loder, Department of Geography, "Media Coverage of Fracking-related Accidents and Support for Unconventional Oil and Gas in North Dakota"

Walter Oosthuizen, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, "Electricity from Cotton Gin Trash Using Fluidized Bed Gasification"

Brian Shreck, Department of Political Science, "The Effects of Perceived Risk and Uncertainty on Policy Preferences on Hydraulic Fracturing"

Trevor Terrill, Department of Mechanical Engineering, "Improving Building Efficiency through Automation of Building Energy Audits"

Yong Wang, Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, "Effects of Nutrient and Tillage on Bioenergy Sorghum Production and Soil Organic Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions"

More details to come!


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Oxide Thin Films for Advanced Energy Applications, July 13-16, Bloomingdale IL

2014 EIA Energy Conference, July 14-15, Washington DC

The 2014 Clute Institute International Academic Conference, August 3-7, San Francisco CA

SPIE Optics + Photonics 2014, August 17-21, San Diego CA

23rd International Conference on Systems Engineering, August 19-21, Las Vegas NV

EPI's 4th Annual Energy Policy Research Conference, September 4-5, San Francisco CA

Petroleum Innovation Expo, September 9-11, Houston TX

National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo, October 13-15, Minneapolis MN

Defense Energy Summit, November 11-13, Austin TX

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